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07 October 2017
S.1,2 and 3 Saturday Afternoon Parents’ Tea Gathering cum Talk on Life Planning

In order to foster closer home-school co-operation and facilitate better communication with parents, the parents of S.1-3 were invited to have a gathering in the afternoon of 7th October 2017. The response was very pleasing as over a hundred parents attended the gathering.

To begin the gathering, our Acting Principal Mr. Yuen applauded the attendance of the parents and students. Afterwards, a social worker from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals was invited to present a talk concerning life planning for secondary students. Our guest shared her experience in regards to guiding and supporting children, especially in relation to how they can prepare plans for their lives, as well as for their future academic and career prospects of the students.

After the hall activity, parents were divided into small groups together with the homeroom teachers of their children. The Parents were able to have a cozy chat with the homeroom teachers and gain a better understanding of their children's performance in school. We all believed that more home-school cooperation and closer links between the school and parents is an asset to the healthy growth of our students.