Congratulations to 5A Wong Ching Ling for being selected as the TWGHs Student Ambassador<br>恭賀5A 黃晴玲同學獲選為東華三院學生大使參與三藩市參訪團 - 2017-2018 - TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College 東華三院吳祥川紀念中學
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13 October 2017
Congratulations to 5A Wong Ching Ling for being selected as the TWGHs Student Ambassador
恭賀5A 黃晴玲同學獲選為東華三院學生大使參與三藩市參訪團

Our student 5A Wong Ching Ling was selected by the Tung Wah judging board to participate in the 11-day student ambassador tour of San Francisco, on 19th October to 29th October 2017.

As a Student Ambassador Ching Ling would represent TWGHs, communicate with different people in both Hong Kong and San Francisco and deliver the messages of TWGHs to the public--“The Spread of Chinese Culture – Becoming a Global Citizen”.

Before embarking on her tour, she attended a series of workshops equipping her with interview skills and an understanding of the relationships between China and the United States of America. Furthermore, she was given the opportunity to learn about either Acapella or Sand Painting in these few months.

The tour involves visiting popular sightseeing sites such as the Asian Art Museum, Angel Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lock as well as Stanford University, Silicon Valley and the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco.

We hope that Wong Ching Ling will seize this rewarding opportunity to broaden her horizon with special experiences and learn about different cultures so that she can acquire a more diverse world view and cultivate her leadership and interpersonal skills.