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10 February 2018
Happy Life @ Kwai Tsing

S.4 students Cheng Yu Yau Shirley and S.4B Fung Hei Man Feon participated in the Creative Arts Installation Program of "Living in Kwai Tsing" sponsored by the Youth Activities Committee of Kwai Tsing District and co-organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. They performed well and participated actively in the workshop. The committee issued a Commendation Letter to them at the ceremony which was held at 2 pm on 10th February 2018 at Tsing Yi Promenade. The installation works will be on display at various locations in Kwai Tsing District.

本校S.4鄭汝柔同學以及S.4B馮希文同學參與由葵青區青年活動委員會主辦,並由香港演藝學院作為合作伙伴的「生活在葵青」裝置藝術創作計劃。兩位同學在六小時的工作坊內積極參與,表現出色;因此委員會於2018年2月10日(星期六)下午2時假青衣海濱公園舉行典禮頒發嘉許狀予二人以作鼓勵。 是次活動的裝置藝術品已於葵青區各個地點巡迴展出。