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05 March 2018
Mask Design Contest 2018

The work of S.4 Kwun Kam Tan, Lam Long Yin, Tse Cheuk In and S.3 Li Sze Yan, Tsui Yin Ting were appreciated by the judges and they were awarded Merit Awards. More than 2,400 pieces of art have been received and nearly 100 schools took part in this competition. The purpose of the campaign is to raise social awareness of AIDS and to inspire hope in those living with HIV / AIDS.

本校中四官錦丹、林朗然、謝卓妍和中三李思茵、崔燕婷同學分別獲得由愛滋寧養服務協會主辦的面具設計比賽優異獎和入圍獎。 今年共收到超過2400份作品,近百間學校參與。活動目的是提高社會對愛滋病的關注,為愛滋病感染者帶來了鼓舞和希望。