Farewell to S.6 Graduates<br>歡送中六畢業生 - 2017-2018 - TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College 東華三院吳祥川紀念中學
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02 March 2018
Farewell to S.6 Graduates

2nd March 2018 was the last day of our S.6 graduates in school. Each S.6 graduate grasped this last moment to take photos with their beloved fellow classmates and respectable teachers. They exchanged their personal photos with their classmates and wrote some encouraging and inspiring words for their classmates.

A farewell assembly was held on that day. Our S.6 students shared with their classmates their most valuable and unforgettable memories of their school life. After the assembly, all S.6 teachers and students went to the playground to take several photos. One of the most encouraging photos was that students formed the shape of a "heart" with their classmates and teachers waved their hands in high spirits.

Most of the S.6 graduates stayed behind until six o'clock in the evening. They all knew that the amusing moments were short but their friendship among their classmates and love between the teachers and their classmates would stay forever.