Project Growth Promotion Gathering to S.3 to S.5 Students<br>中三至中五同學出席警青承長計劃推介會 - 2017-2018 - TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College 東華三院吳祥川紀念中學
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29 January 2018
Project Growth Promotion Gathering to S.3 to S.5 Students

On 29 January 2018, our S.3 to S.5 students attended the promotion gathering for Project Growth Program 2017 organized by the Hong Kong Police Force. Project Growth aims at facilitating the social and personal development of the Mentees, inspiring and motivating Mentees to pursue a career with the Police Force upon graduation. The Mentors were officers from IP to CSP ranks and they acted as role models and shared their knowledge, experience and challenges that they had faced with students in their careers as a Police Inspectors. Some mentors were our graduates who shared with us their experiences and invited our students to join the program. Our students were interested and many of them claimed that they wanted to be one of the Mentees.