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22 March 2018
Student Leaders and ECA Prefects BBQ Night

To enhance the relationship between the Student Leaders and ECA Prefects, a barbecue gathering was held on the 22nd March 2018 which was attended by about 30 prefects as well as by Vice-Principal Ms. Wong, ECA Head Mistress Ms. Kwan and Student Leader Mentor Mr. Lee.

Since barbecues are also one of the activities that can enhance leadership skills, the students involved took on the responsibilities of planning work distribution and taking stock of the food and materials needed by themselves. This was effective in highlighting the difficulties and necessity of problem-solving and communication skills to all our leaders and prefects. In addition, in accordance with our school’s Green Policy, all our leaders and prefects were required to bring their own tableware.

To conclude the event, everyone exchanged gifts with each other and took part in a lucky draw prepared by their mentors. Through this memorable activity, our leaders and prefects benefitted from a significant enhancement of their social and leadership abilities.

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