Excellent Results achieved by the School Drama Team<br>恭賀本校戲劇組於香港學校戲劇節(中學廣東話組) 榮獲多個獎項 - 2017-2018 - TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College 東華三院吳祥川紀念中學
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20 April 2018
Excellent Results achieved by the School Drama Team
恭賀本校戲劇組於香港學校戲劇節(中學廣東話組) 榮獲多個獎項

Congratulations to our Drama Team for obtaining very outstanding results in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival (HKSDF) 2018. The Hong Kong School Drama Festival (HKSDF), organized by the Education Bureau and produced by Hong Kong Art School, is the most prestigious drama competition in the territory. After five months of preparation and numerous rehearsals, our production ‘Dream comes True’ 《畫夢啟航》 was well-received by the audience and adjudicators in the School Performance Phase of the Festival. The judges appreciated not only our students’ efforts and creativity, but also their original ideas and storyline. Finally, among the 555 enrolled teams, our team obtained the Award for Outstanding Director, the Award for Outstanding Performer, the Award for Outstanding Co-Operation and the Award for Commendable Overall Performance. This year’s excellent results mark a significant step in the development of the team. It is hoped that the Team will continue their hard work and achieve promising results in the future.