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Mr S. C. Gaw 吳祥川先生

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Mr. S. C. Gaw was of Fujian descent and born in Myanmar on 18th September 1916. He completed his secondary education in Xiamen and returned to Myanmar after his higher education in Nanjing.


After the Second World War, Mr. Gaw started his own business in Myanmar and soon became an emerging entrepreneur. His business began with rice trading and dealership of Japanese tyres and synthetic fibers and was later extended to the weaving industry. He was a leading player of Myanmar’s post-war commercial and industrial development.


Mr. Gaw and his family moved to Hong Kong in 1953 because of Myanmar’s political instability. He re-built his dealership business in a new environment and with limited financial means. With his unyielding persistence, exceptional talent and entrepreneurial spirit, he extended his business to mechanical engineering, shipping, finance and textiles in less than two decades. He had been the managing director of various multinational corporations. He was the founder of Pioneer Global Group, an established conglomerate listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Apart from his investment in HK, he had also run a weaving mill in Thailand to accommodate his staff moving from Myanmar to Thailand.


Mr. Gaw had led an honest and modest life and was respected by his contemporaries. He was a dedicated philanthropist. He had served the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and the Yan Chai Hospital as a director sustainably.


Mr. Gaw passed away at the age of sixty-eight on 14th October 1983