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10 July 2018
Peer Group Guidance Leadership Training Camp 2018

On 9 - 10 July, S.2 and S.3 students participated in a leadership training camp organized by the Peer Guidance teachers and the school social workers in Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp (賽馬會大棠渡假營). The camp aimed not only at training our S.2 and S.3 students to serve as big brothers and sisters, who would help S1 students adapt to new school life, but also enhancing their self-confidence and abilities vital to their personal growth. Every aspect of the training enriched their life experience beyond the classrooms. Each team had tried their best to complete different tasks in the 6-hour city chase in which they needed to exhibit teamwork, determination and the ability to make decisions for unknown locations on Hong Kong Island. They also had the challenge of “High Wall” at the campsite. Most impressively, though physically exhausted after the various training in the camp, they were still excited in sharing their experiences.

To our greatest delight, they not only learnt a lot in organizing activities but also gained a friendship with their working partners after the camp. All the participants, including peer group teachers, social workers and students, showed great commitment to every event in the leadership training program. All their efforts which made the camp a successful one were most appreciated.