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School Introduction 學校簡史


Campus Appearance
(1984 to 2005)

TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College, established in 1984, is a government subsidized Anglo-Chinese co-educational secondary grammar school in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). It is run by the renowned charity organization Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) serving the community by providing medical and health services, education services and social services. It provides multifarious teaching services, aiming to seek fuller development of the teenagers’ talent and to prepare them to serve the society whole-heartedly in the future.


Campus Appearance Today

Using both the languages of English and Chinese as the medium of instruction, the College operates a six-year course leading to the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE).


The well-established organizations of the school like Student Union, Parent-Teacher Association and Alumni Association are already in place to support school development. The school’s administration set up is well-defined and Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), which comprises of Honorary Supervisor, Supervisor, five Sponsoring Body Managers, Independent Manager, Principal Manager, Teacher Manager, Parent Manager and Alumni Manager, is set up to enhance managerial effectiveness. The establishment of IMC has united the efforts of different stakeholders to formulate development strategies and policies for the school. In addition to these, school self-evaluation is implemented to ensure further development and sustainability of school policies.


School Management Council (SMC), which comprises of the Principal as exofficio Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, two Teacher Representatives elected and representatives from departments of Discipline, Guidance, Life Education, Careers and Studies, mainly deals with day-to-day management issues and general school policies. One of the purposes to include two elected teacher representatives in the council is to create a communication channel for teachers to reflect their opinions on school policies to it. Apart from the leading management committees aforementioned, there are many other smaller functional committees and task groups striving for school improvement as well.






本校為政府興建的標準型中學,設有課室二十四個及特別室十二個,計有設計與工藝室、音樂室、美術室、家政室、地理室、電腦室及物理、化學、生物、綜合科學實驗室等。另外教育署於 89年為我校於露天操場加建兩個課室,分別闢為教員室及電腦室,另外一個大型房間以活動形式分隔為訓導室、輔導室及升學就業輔導室。此外。尚有禮堂及圖書館各一。運動場地則有籃球場、排球場、手球場及雨天操場等 。




本校獲政府撥款四千萬元興建的校舍新翼,已於2005年完成。 新校舍設課室二個、小組學習室三個、語言實驗室一個、多用途資源室一個及學生活動中心等。