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We were established in Tsing Yi in 1984. Since then we have been serving our neighbourhood by providing quality and diversified all-round education for more than three decades. We have grown and matured tremendously under the stewardship of our former principals. We have also received favourable reviews from the Quality Assurance Section of the Education Bureau, which reinforces our determination to develop ourselves into an excellent EMI school.


We give priority to our students’ personal growth and academic progress. We also lay heavy emphasis on our teachers’ training and development. We have been spending generously on teaching resources and facilities. We believe that our students will certainly thrive in our beautiful and well-equipped campus.


We are a school of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong’s oldest charity. Our current supervisor, Mr. Ivan Sze, was the Chairman of Tung Wah in 2014/2015. Ms Christina Gaw, the representative of the school donor family, is a member of the Incorporated Management Committee of our school. With the support and guidance of different school stake holders, I, being the acting principal at this transition period, will do my utmost to continue the school’s fine legacy. I will also unite all the staff to do their best to help our students achieve Tung Wah’s goal of all-round education.








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